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Immovable Properties That Can Be Constituted Easement Right and Can Be Given Occupancy Permit

  • The immovable properties belonging to the Treasury, special budgeted administrations, special provincial administrations, municipalities and places fully owned by the State can be allocated to investments.
  • The places fully owned by the State and places registerable to the land registry can be subject to the easement right after they are registered in the name of the Treasury. For those who are not registerable, occupancy permit can be given.
  • According to the special laws, the easement right is not allocated or occupancy permit is not given on the immovables that are not deemed appropriate to be allocated an easement right or given occupancy permit on it, and are requested for any purpose other than the purpose of which they are intended in the zoning plan.

Determination of Immovable Properties Suitable for Investment

  • The civil administrations determine the immovable properties suitable for investment and determine whether they are suitable for the investments incentivized.
  • The immovables other than the those determined by the civil administrations but requested by the investor can be allocated to investments if they are found to be suitable by the civil administrations.

Announcement of Immovable Properties Suitable for Investment to Investors

The immovable properties determined by  the civil administrations are notified to the chambers of commerce, industry and agriculture in their locations. The immovable properties that are determined appropriate to be announced by the civil administrations are declared in periods by giving at least two months of application period and these announcements are also published on the web pages of the immovable property civil administrations until the application date.(Sample Announcement 1)

In addition, it is published once in one of the top ten newspapers with the highest circulation published throughout Turkey, determined by the Press Advertisement Agency. (Sample Announcement 2)

The period between the last announcement date and the application date to the commission cannot be less than thirty days.

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