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Do I have to buy all the machines in the domestic and import list stated in the Investment Incentive Certificate?

No, you do not have to buy all machines in the domestic and import list in the investment incentive certificate, it is sufficient that the total fixed investment amount is above the minimum amount.

My company benefited from KOSGEB supports. Can I also benefit from the Ahiler Development Agency grant program?

You cannot benefit from the support of two different institutions for the same machine, there is no restriction on benefiting from the support of two different public institutions for different machines and investment areas.

Can I get support from Ahiler Development Agency for a machine on the import list of investment incentive certificate?

If you still have not bought the machine specified in the investment incentive certificate, you can buy it with the support of Ahiler Development Agency, but you should not buy this machine under the scope of investment incentive certificate, and another issue is that after this machine is removed from the scope of investment incentive certificate, the remaining fixed investment amount in the investment incentive certificate should be above the minimum amount, so that you can terminate your investment incentive certificate.

I want to terminate the Investment Incentive certificate, what should I do?

You must apply to the General Directorate of Incentive Implementation and Foreign Capital of the Ministry of Industry and Technology with an official letter requesting to terminate the investment incentive certificate.

What are the differences between the government incentives for foreign investors and domestic investors?

Foreign investors who will invest within the borders of our country can benefit from the same government incentives as domestic investors.

How can I apply for entrepreneurship courses?

You can see and apply for entrepreneurship courses in your city from the relevant page of KOSGEB via E-state.

Does Ahiler Development Agency give support to the purchase of live animals?

No. It does not support. Only Provincial Directorates of Agriculture and Forestry have supports in purchase of live animals.

I want to set up a boutique hotel, how can I get support?

Hotel investments with not more than 25 rooms, are supported by the ARDSI in places with a population below 20,000. Investor can apply for investment incentive certificate in case the amount of fixed investment is over TRY 500.000.

What are the supports of the Agency?

Supports of the Agency are Financial support, Technical support, Feasibility support, Guided project supports. Click here for detailed information.

How are the support payments of the Agency made?

Projects that are found successful by the agency and signed a contract are subject to the monitoring and evaluation process. If the project owners fulfill their obligations, they will be paid gradually. Agency supports are as non-refundable grants.

How can I apply for Investment Incentive Certificate?

Applications can be made online via the electronic incentive implementation system (E-TUYS). Click here for more information about E-TUYS.

What Do Incentive Regions Mean?

There are 6 incentive regions in Turkey. (1st region lowest incentive, 6th region highest incentive) Click here for the details of these regions.

What are the primary investment areas in the Incentive System?

Click here for the primary investment areas.

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