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With its fast growing economy, increasing population and energy demand, Turkey has become one of the fastest growing energy markets in the world in the last two decades. Due to the limited oil and natural gas reserves, Turkey has made great progress in recent years to take advantage of its renewable energy sources to minimize fossil fuel imports and increase energy security. According to the Wind Energy Potential Atlas (REPA), the theoretical wind energy potential in Turkey is around 48 GW. Considering the existing electricity grid infrastructure, it is calculated that the wind energy potential that can be connected to the electricity grid is at the level of 10,000 MW. With the arrangements that can be made in the electricity grid, it seems possible to increase the wind energy potential that can be connected to the electricity grid in the medium term to 20,000 MW.

The average wind speed for Niğde is 3.06 m/s.

Power Capacity of the Wind Power Plant that can be Installed in Niğde Province               

The total area for the wind power plant that can be installed in the province of Niğde is determined as 12.42 km² and the total installed power capacity 62.08 MW. Karakapı Wind Power Plant project with an installed capacity of 40 MW is located in Altunhisar district of Niğde province.       

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